Asgard Asset Management is a Danish fixed income manager located in Copenhagen, regulated by the Danish FSA. The team has a proven track record of delivering strong returns, and managing risk in a prudent way. The funds managed by Asgard Asset Management primarily invest in Scandinavian fixed income (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and in EUR-denominated Sovereign, Supranational and Agency bonds.  

The culture in the company is built on a shared belief to generate sustainable returns in the long run. We promote an entrepreneurial mindset for new solutions and idea generation. Asgard Asset Management work as one team and encourage individual growth. We are committed in building lasting relationships with our investors and keeping a high level of service and transparency.

Morten Mathiesen, CIO, has been a key manager with the Asgard Fixed Income Fund dating back to its inception in 2003. He has been ultimately responsible for the investment strategy since March 2008. In 2011 he launched Asgard Asset Management based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


It is our philosophy that through the combination of rigorous modelling and extensive market knowledge, we are able to deliver results that live up to our mission of delivering best-in-class, high risk-adjusted returns.

We are an active asset manager, with an ongoing dialogue with issuers. This lies the foundation of our in depth analysis of issuers and markets. We have a strong emphasis on investment discipline and a continuous and consistent process. The investment universe is clearly defined and the focus is solely where there is a proven competitive advantage.

From an asset allocation perspective, we aim to provide a strategy that offer strong diversification benefits to long-term asset portfolios.

It is our belief that we can make a positive impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. Investing responsibly can enhance returns and make the portfolio more robust, with reduced volatility in the long run. Thus, we have a bias towards ESG-labeled bonds and issuers we deem to contribute to a more sustainable environment, supporting social welfare and with strong governance in place.


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